cinemover BLACK

The Cinemover Black is based on the Cinemover Plus, which is by far our most popular model. It features an adjustable-width chassis that lets you use any flat surface as a dolly track. Bridge railings, lumber, fence beams, your options are only limited by your imagination and the laws of your state or province. 

The Cinemover Black features smooth and quiet ABEC9 bearings, a mounting plate with dozens of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes to mount a fluid head, ball head, or dozens of other accessories. The Black model also features heavy, machined adjustment knobs. We've built and shipped over 3000 Cinemovers all over the world, to professionals, amateurs, hobbyists and enthusiasts. They can't all be crazy!

We're taking a bath on these things at this price, and demand is always high on the very rare occasions we have a sale, so build time and shipping may be a bit slower than normal. 

The Cinemover Black is just $99.99 + shipping through Nov 28th, 2016.

All packages are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate, and we only charge the actual shipping amount.


The following are all products we've personally used or have been recommended by customers, so we know they work great with the Cinemover. If you've found an accessory you love using with your Cinemover, let us know about it! These links will take you to, but if you buy them from here they knock a few cents back my way, and I go to Taco Bell!

motorize your cinemover!

We offer super-affordable kits to motorize your Cinemover! Our motor kits can also be easily adapted to other small dollies and sliders.


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